Every airline has an N.O.C. (Network Operations Center), that functions as the entity that in effect keeps the airline running smoothly on an hour-to-hour basis. Almost everything that happens to an airline passes through the N.O.C. and is noticed by the personnel there who decide if action should be taken.

I am a Flight Dispatcher who has worked in N.O.C.s for over eleven years now and am qualified to comment on airline operations and uncover the behind the scenes activities that "keeps 'em flying". This should be of interest to travelers and airline enthusiasts alike.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Test Post

This is a test post for a new program where I can recommend products and services that I am familiar with.

How it works is that if a reader is interested in an item, a click will take them to the vendor for more information.

I have been a model aircraft person all my life I thought I would start with a couple.